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Language Analysis for determining origin

When someone applies for asylum in the Netherlands, it should first of all be clear what country or region he or she originates from. If there is no identity document, then language analysis is employed in some cases. Based on the dialect features in the language usage of the applicant, a language analysis is used to investigate which region he or she originates from. Language analyses take place upon the request of the government or upon the request of the applicant himself or herself. De Taalstudio provides language analyses, contra-expertises and second opinions by professional linguists for a great number of languages. De Taalstudio acts as an intermediary between people who need a language analysis or contra-expertise, on the one hand, and linguists on the other, from the moment of the request up to and including the completion of the report.

•  We offer three products: language analysis, contra-expertise and second opinion.

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•  We process each file in different phases.

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Knowledge Centre

De Taalstudio is the knowledge centre in the field of language analysis. De Taalstudio is the place for anyone who is looking for independent and reliable information about language analysis. In addition to conducting and publishing its own research, De Taalstudio also organises academic conferences for linguists and courses for lawyers and other professionals who use language analysis.


Guidelines for Language Analysis

Since June 2004 there have been the Guidelines for the Use of Language Analysis in Relation to Questions of National Origin in Refugee Cases; these were drafted by an international group of linguists. You can download them here. (pdf, 15kb)

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