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Workshop on Language Analysis in the determination of national origin of refugees

On June 21st De Taalstudio is organizing a post conference workshop on Language Analysis in the determination of national origin of refugees.

The workshop is part of the Joint Summer Meeting of the Society of Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL) and the Associação de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola (ACBLPE) that will take place in Amsterdam 18-20 June.

If you would like to attend the workshop on language analysis you do not need to register in advance.

The workshop’s programme and abstracts can be found here.
The workshop will take place at the Bungehuis in the Spuistraat 210-212 (1012 VT Amsterdam), in the centre of Amsterdam.

With respect to accommodation, the SPCL/ACBLPE conference has made arrangements for the period 17-20 June with Hotel Residence Le Coin. We have agreed with this hotel that visitors of our workshop can also make use of the reduced rate from 20-22 June, but this is only possible for the large twin room (a EUR 114,00). If you would like to make use of this arrangement for the period 20-22 June, please contact us before June 1st.
To make reservations for the period 17-20 June, please check the website of the SPCL/ACBLPE conference:
This site also suggests some websites to find other hotels in Amsterdam. Please bear in mind that June in Amsterdam is already high season, and you should organize your accommodation in good time.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam in June!

For more information, please contact Carolien van den Hazelkamp, +31 20 5285077.

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