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Our method

We process every request for a language analysis, contra-expertise or second opinion in different phases. After each phase, you decide yourself if you would like to go on to the next phase.


First phase

In the first phase, we evaluate the case in co-operation with our experts, and we investigate the possibilities to perform a language analysis, contra-expertise or second opinion. At the conclusion of this phase, you receive a General Assessment of the case including a Proposal, which describes the (sometimes very different) possibilities for a language analysis, contra-expertise or second opinion. In this phase, we also approach experts who have the right expertise to be able to issue an opinion in the case. Their expertise is briefly described in the Proposal. This phase is an integral part of the procedure and cannot be skipped.


Second phase

The second phase of the language analysis, contra-expertise or second opinion is started up as soon as we have received the right recording and all necessary information from you, as well as a confirmation in which you indicate that you are initiating one of the procedures that we suggested in the General Assessment. In the second phase, a report about your client is drafted by the selected expert.


Third phase

If you receive a response to a report we have produced from the agency who performed the first language analysis, we can help you rebut this response. In that case, we write a substantial rebuttal in co-operation with the linguist who wrote the report. At the same time, we discuss case law on language analysis and/or contra-expertise that might be relevant to the case. This is called the third phase.

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