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When doubts arise as to the nationality of an alien applying for asylum in the Netherlands, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) can request a language analysis during any phase of the procedure. In a language analysis, the applicant’s language usage in his or her own language is analysed. In the analysis, attention is paid to both the language and what the applicant tells about (her or his life in) the country of origin. When the language analysis report reveals that the applicant “definitely does not” originate from the stated country or region of origin, it is usually assumed in the rest of the procedure that the applicant does not come from there. The language analyses are performed by Bureau Land en Taal (Office for Country Information and Language Analysis) of the IND.



The applicant can request a copy of the audio recording that the language analysis was based on from the IND. With this, he or she can have a contra-expertise performed. De Taalstudio acts as an intermediary between parties that need a language analysis or a contra-expertise, on the one hand, and linguists on the other. De Taalstudio advises the requesting party about the working procedure to be followed, searches for a linguistic consultant with the right expertise and credentials, and functions as a point of contact for the requesting party until the analysis is completed.


Currently, three products are available: language analysis, contra-expertise and second opinion. Click here for more information.


De Taalstudio works exclusively with professional linguists, who as a rule are affiliated with a university or research institute, and who have published academic articles about the relevant language.

Are you available to lend your expertise to language analysis or contra-expertise?

If you are a linguist and have published on areas that refugees come from, send us the following information by email: Your name and contact information (postal address, telephone and email), your title, affiliation, the languages and countries that you are an expert on and the bibliographic references to your publications concerning the languages or areas in question. Optionally, you may also give us an indication of the rate you would charge for an expert report. As soon as we receive your information, we will contact you. Your personal information will only be used internally and will never be disclosed.


If you are interested in this type of work, but do not satisfy all the criteria, send us your personal information with a description of your field of expertise and background. We will then discuss the possibilities for including you in the Taalstudio database.



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