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Options for Language Analysis

We offer three products: language analysis, contra-expertise and second opinion.

Language analysis

De Taalstudio can have a language analysis performed based on a recording of an interview with the asylum applicant. The language analysis will be performed by an expert linguist who is specialised in the language that the applicant claims to speak and who has published about it in academic journals.


If a language analysis has already been performed by another agency (usually Bureau Land en Taal from the IND), De Taalstudio can have a linguist write a contra-expertise or second opinion. The choice has to do with various factors, such as the language situation in the country of origin, the existence of reliable sources on the language situation and individual features of the case. In most cases, a contra-expertise is feasible; in some cases, the second opinion is a more suitable procedure.



In a contra-expertise the linguist does his or her own analysis of the recording that the original language analysis is based on. The question to be answered by way of the analysis is whether the language usage on the recording gives clear indications that the applicant either does or does not come from the claimed country/region of origin. The expert’s conclusions are supported by examples and, as much as possible, by references to relevant publications.


Second opinion

In a second opinion, the linguist gives a reasoned answer to the question of whether the conclusion of the language analysis report is sufficiently supported. In so doing, the linguist comments on the examples provided and the statements of the original analyst and how they contribute to the conclusion. In a second opinion, the linguist does not listen to the recording, and therefore does not issue an opinion about the quality of the recording or about the selection of examples from the report.


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