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De Taalstudio is Maaike Verrips’ agency. De Taalstudio has the goal of improving the accessibility of linguistic knowledge for practical purposes. We do that by means of applied linguistic research, such as language analysis, and with information services such as

Maaike Verrips

is the founder of De Taalstudio . She studied general linguistics at the University of Amsterdam and specialised in psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics. She worked as a reseracher in various Dutch universities before she founded De Taalstudio in 2003. 

Maaike Verrips on De Taalstudio: “When I started the company, people who had my interests at heart warned me that there would be no market for a company like this. ‘Who on earth is looking for knowledge about linguistics?’ But I never doubted for a second that there was a need for it. I certainly am proud that we are now doing a good job of locating and satisfying that demand. We are celebrating our fifth anniversary this year, and I have not had a moment of regrets.”

Maaike Verrips
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