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Bilingualism matters @NL
De Taalstudio hosts the Dutch branch of the international research community "Bilingualism Matters", that was founded by Prof. Antonella Sorace of University of Edinburgh in 2008. We think that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having more than one language.

The Dutch branch of Bilingualism Matters focusses on dissemination of research-based knowledge about multilingualism to assist parents and professionals on the benefits and challenges of multilingualism, especially in education and the childrearing.

To achieve these aims, the branch website and Facebook page host an (inter)active forum for anyone who’s interested in raising and educating multilingual children. Here people can find news, information and tips on multilingualism. Monthly contributions by experts and an active online community provide practical and reliable information for both parents and professionals. The branch has developed materials and workshops and offers a helpdesk to provide parents of multilingual children with detailed and personal advice from seasoned experts.
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